What kind of companies is EquityNova looking for?

EquityNova is mainly interested in SMEs in the industrial sector in which it identifies above-average development potential either for the Swiss and international market in particular or in terms of their product portfolio. EquityNova invests in these companies together with responsible investors and is committed to safeguarding the companies’ interests over time and consolidating them in the long term.

What kind of entrepreneurs does EquityNova cater for?

EquityNova is orientated towards owners of SMEs for whom a central concern is the successful and socially responsible development of their company in the long term. They want to place their company in new hands for reasons of succession planning or because developing their company to its full potential can’t be realised under their own steam.

What does EquityNova do for an SME?

SMEs are the source of a great many innovations and ultimately the backbone of any economy. In their development SMEs require a reliable supply of capital in order to take key strategic steps, be that to expand overseas, launch greater innovations or to effect a takeover. This applies in particular to companies with an industrial character, which are often treated shabbily by the financial sector at those key phases. With the entrepreneurial equity concept, EquityNova is able to provide the substantial support that these SMEs need to develop.