In 1974 little was known about private equity – it was not until later that the economic value and advantages of private equity came to be recognised. Over the past four decades, the founding partners of EquityNova have demonstrated not only a pioneering spirit, but also far-sightedness and entrepreneurship and have successfully restructured more than 75 companies.

In Western Europe it is now the established view that our economic well-being depends more than ever on the sustainable development of innovative SMEs. For that reason these SMEs require partners and investors with a long-term view, entrepreneurial spirit and capital: in other words, «entrepreneurial equity».

With the launch of the «entrepreneurial equity» concept, EquityNova eliminates the weaknesses of the classical funding models and again takes on a pioneering role.


The aim is for «entrepreneurial equity» to be regarded as a new, responsible model for funding and governance around the world and to generate increased value for all participants. EquityNova intends to make an important contribution to this.